Bridgeman and Seylynn Parks

These two parks form a 4 km loop around Lynn Creek. There is a parking lot at the north end off East Keith Road and parking at various points throughout the loop. Bridgeman Park is family-friendly with playparks and washrooms. Parts of the Seylynn route are on roads. The trails connect via Main Street on the southern point. The paths border Lynn Creek, a salmon habitat.

For a longer hike, include Harbour View Park which can be reached by a short walk through Lynnmouth Park at Main Street near Brooksbank. This connection includes stairs and a dark portion underneath the train bridge. Harbour View park is a long, narrow park bordering Lynn Creek through the shipyards area. This broad, level walkway has a viewing platform at the southern end. This is a popular dog-walking park. A round trip is 1.5 kilometres. Harbour View Park can be reached via Harbour Avenue.

District: District of North Vancouver

Stamp: Owl

Stamp Station Location: On fence east of parking lot off Keith Road